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North Shore Christian Ministries is primarily focused on working with youth using Youth Alpha as its primarly evangelization tool. Youth Alpha is an eight to ten week set of filmed talks followed by table discussion aimed at directing young adults towards a personal, powerful relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The object of this course is to make known to youth the understanding that Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Father constitute a "Kingdom within you" which is real, up close and personal. The power and poignancy of the Youth Alpha film series continues to produce undeniable fruit and it easily replicable and extremely portable.

Youth Alpha now utilizes a series of stunning high definition videos to facilitate and simplify the presentation of Youth Alpha. To learn more you can register a course and download films and supporting materials at:

To your right you can find endorsements of the Alpha Course by Cardinal O'Malley and Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa who is the Papal preacher.

The adult version of Alpha is taught by Nicky Gumbel in a series of video presentations full of wit, humor and undeniable truth. You can also register an adult course at the link referenced above and after registration download free all films and supporting documentation.
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Alpha Course Manual -all sessions
Overview-Alpha In A Catholic Context
Father_Raniero  Cantalamessa's
June 2005 Alpha Conference Address
Cardinal Sean O'Malley's Alpha Endorsement Letter
Alpha Endorsements
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Without protection for the unborn, the Constitution is without substance, and its protections will fade as the morning mist. 

Peter F. Carpentier, Esq.

Alpha Course Presentations

Concord MCI Prison
Concord, MA
03/21/2017 - 11/22/2016

St. Mary's Parish
Georgetown, MA
Lenten Series
Friday Evenings: 6:30 -8:00 pm
Double Sessions


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