Beth HerrĀ  03-05-2018

"My LOVE is going to completely break you out of the mold."

As I sat here this morning that is what I heard the Lord say.

Then I saw a vision of a person breaking out from inside a sculpture. A sculpture while beautiful is lifeless. It is stagnant. While we can appreciate all the time and effort to create it, it only captures a moment in time, only one pose, only one expression.

Much of the church requires us to look perfect. We are carefully carved and crafted. Yet there is more to life than being a perfect yet lifeless figure.

In many ways, the church has become a museum. A place to display our best efforts and only that which we see as beautiful. A place where we share only successes and not failures. It is meant to be a hospital where sick and broken are healed up and send back into the world whole and full of life. It is meant to be a university where we learn and grow up. A place where we are prepared to embark on lifestyle that changes us and those around us. It is meant to be a family where we are loved as we are and into who we were created to be. It is in family where our true identity comes forth, where we break out of the mold, break out of the statue.

I know it seems almost sacrilegious to destroy something so beautiful as a statue. It is scary to leave behind what we have crafted. But there is more, other dimensions. There are greater things emerging. Your beauty can not be contained in one moment, one pose, one expression.

There is a living, breathing person stuck in that statue. It is YOU.

Then I saw the hand of the sculptor with a chisel breaking you free. As you rise up on the inside, help is coming from the outside. A greater beauty is emerging. A beauty that is alive. A beauty not limited to a moment.

The true, authentic you is rising up. It may feel scary or painful but trust the Sculptor as He sets you free from what has been restraining you, from what has contained you.

Today, let your true BEAUTY come forth, because you were made for more

Below is an apt description of the current state of the Christian church. Too are too many inside it dying. Vast numbers outside it are wounded, confused and worshiping false gods without little eternal hope. It all has to come down. Shall we cooperate with the Lord in this new reformation, or shall divine power bend us with the power of his violent love? That, my friends, is the question to which we must all respond.