A Lamentation!
Friends -the Day Draws Close -AWAKE O Sleeper!

In a Day to Come!

No one seems to be able to connect the dots these days. The manifest power of evil is erupting everywhere, destroying lives, marriages, and families and eroding the organizational structure of government and the Christian church as well. 

Where Christ is not, there you will find death!

And Christ is neither found nor sought after because of the power of lies which are accepted as truth and which govern the affairs of men. Indeed such lies are largely unopposed even by the Christian church itself, which serves up large doses of lip service, but is otherwise manifestly ineffective. 

Why? Because the church permits evil men to exist within its midst 
and they obscure its noble destiny as the pure bride of Christ. 

Of course, none of this is new. The Scriptures again and again warn of the destiny which awaits nations and peoples who turn from God’s law and from the revelation of God found in Christ Jesus. Such men unknowingly execute their own death warrant, having been deceived into thinking they possess a ‘saving knowledge’ which is merely an expression of a corrupt way of thinking common to man. Such men are the elite thinkers of our age and they lead many astray. 

Jesus declares that the fate of such deceivers is sure and that their destiny is hell itself. 
It would have been better for them if they had not been born.

But, no one believes in hell, a place which Jesus describes in detail including its torments and finality. Surely, if a soul could see its destiny in hell it would go to great lengths to avoid its consuming fires. But, woe upon woe, they will not seek Christ that they might be delivered from its everlasting fires. 

What are these lies? Alas, they are many and they run deep, but its underlying power is abortion. You may disagree, but in a day to come you will be obliged to consider the following truth: 

Birth control is the father of abortion, and abortion is the father of nuclear war.

Birth control is not a good. It is the first impulse against life, and its practice ultimately leads to an insensitivity regarding the power, purpose and beauty of life and breeds spiritual blindness. No longer do we cooperate with God to usher in life, but rather we plan and manufacture its delivery closing off the divine impulse to breathe into us new life which gives glory to God. In the process, we can destroy what God has already created. In our time, this creation may be unknown and unseen; yet, in a day to come it shall be both seen and known.

Blinded to the glory of this creative power, man easily succumbs to the belief that tissue is not life, or that life unseen is not life at all. This in turn leads to a culture where life is devalued and where death is embraced –sometimes, even as a good. But it is a great poverty to decide a child must die so that we may live as we want. 

Both Scripture and history testify that the fate of nations embracing a culture of death is terrible and swift and cannot be avoided absent contrition and repentance. God will not deliver such nations from the fate attendant to the exercise of this collective will –even though it may mean the death of millions. 

On August 6, 1945 as many as 140,000 persons died from the detonation of “Little Boy” at Hiroshima. This was followed by the deaths of an estimated 74,000 persons at Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. However these events may be debated, they constitute judgments against a people and a nation executed by a stronger military power against the evils undertaken by a governing elite. 

Today, terror and the rise of unmitigated evil warn us to consider anew our destiny as a people and as a nation. In our day, governing elitists endorse and support the legality of abortion which has claimed, and continues to claim, the fetal life of untold millions of children –the most venerable and vulnerable of all human life. Should this evil continue unabated it is certain that an unprecedented judgment will occur in which man will once again become his own executioner. 

Yet, God does not desire this for man. We must listen, we must pray, we must repent. 

Therefore, oppose with all your strength the brutal and systematic execution of the unborn -for your own sake, and for the sake of your children's children!