(A Confession & A Challenge)

Friends: This is a hard word. It will offend the ears of some, but it must be said.

The community of Jesus is not allowed to know of the horrible fate of the tens of millions of aborted children other than in profound humility, in merciful compassion for the mothers involved, as well as in a holy terror. Truly, a Christ follower cannot be indifferent to this continued assault on the sanctity of life, and our hearts should cry out to God in continuing prayer under the weight of such a great malice.

Yet, the evolution of this eliminationist anti-life sentiment did not occur overnight, and is today routinely reinforced by even committed Christians, who believe that birth control is permissible and does not offend the law of God. Alas friends, birth control is in fact the first impulse against life, and it is my firm conviction that those Christians who seek to hear from, and to do the Will of God, must urgently and humbly implore God for a proper understanding of this "seismic truth".

Once myself a practitioner of birth control, submission to this seismic truth was required of both me and my spouse. And, many years ago, on the same evening, and independently, this inviolate understanding was given to us to which we each humbly submitted. 

Along with this submission came a greater measure of His peace, power and presence which has remained with us to this day.

Like I said -a hard word.

I challenge you to watch this video regarding the evil of abortion:

The Evil of Abortion video.