The DECEPTION of Human Wisdom

The Field of The One-Third

A Prophetic Dream Vision // July 4, 2005 // 5:00 am
The Field of the One-Third and the Sailing Ship USS United States

In this dream vision, I am on board a ship on which I have successfully voyaged before. There are other men on this ship, and it becomes apparent that we are on some kind of a joint military or paramilitary operation. The ship is large, adequately provisioned and fast, but it is not a liner. Yet, this particular trip does not seem to be very well planned (I have a sense that the ship is the USA). Only later in this dream vision do I understand that I am viewing, through the lens of my own spirit, the figure of a 'Good Man' who is destined to die because of where the ship will ultimately take him.

Upon boarding the ship, this Good Man agrees to submit to the leadership of another man whom he should have the good sense to oppose. But out of a false sense of security, and believing that he will be able to manage events based upon his own experience and wisdom, he agrees to submit to his leadership. Nonetheless, recognizing that he may be heading into troubled waters, the Good Man brings along an additional supply of water to ensure his survival (human provision in lieu of spiritual provision). This is something which the other men who accompany him do not do. 

It is at this point in the dream vision that the Lord shows me a detailed graphic depiction of where the ship is headed. It is headed for a place termed 'The Field of the One-Third,' which is a field of mountainous terrain both dangerous and difficult to traverse.

Below I have done my best to represent it. 

Upon arrival at the landing area, the leader asks the men to traverse The Field of the One-Third. It is then that the Lord seeks through inspiration to persuade the Good Man not to traverse this field sharing with him the knowledge that the adjacent field ('The Field of the Two Thirds') is safe to traverse, and provides for God's protection and provision. Yet, despite this awareness, the Good Man, influenced by the willingness of the other men to traverse The Field of the One-Third, and convinced that his additional supply of water will guarantee his safe passage, agrees to accompany them. And, while he does not place his confidence in the proclamation of the leader that he will return safely to the ship, he elects to place his fate in his own hands. That is, in his own personal abilities, agility, and strength.

It is then that I see all these men run across The Field of the One-Third, an area of red mud and dirt, the last part of which is quicksand. All manage to get through except for the Good Man, who tries to pick a safe and alternate route along the edge of the field. It is there that he perishes in quicksand and mud.

To my horror and dismay, I actually witness his energetic struggle to escape from the ensnaring quicksand to no avail. There, before my eyes, he is consumed by liquid earth, helpless and terrified. I actually suffer great consternation at this -and feel utterly helpless. 

It is then that I begin to also envision many other Good Men encountering the same fate. In each instance, the 'other men' all get through, and I am given to understand that the these men represent demons or men already belonging to the camp of the enemy, and that they were used by the leader as powerful and cunning decoys. 

In the end, I find myself looking down over the Field of the One-Third at the spot where the first 'Good Man' had perished, and I see there a small pool of water in the murky quicksand. I know that I will never see this good man again and this loss grieves me.

It seems that anyone who follows this leader will be deceived and then abandoned by him and perish. In some sense, all of these 'Good Men', and yes, 'Good Women' will have intuitively 'known better'. And, in every instance, the deceptive dark wisdom of the leader will overwhelm their own strategies for survival. 

If only they had listened, if only they had taken a different course.

This dream vision was given to me on the 4th of July, 2005, and the plan of this leader, rooted in deception, is work against the founding principles of our nation. 

The essentially Good Men and Good Women of our age are not prepared with an adequate understanding of the tactics of this leader, and sorely lack the necessary spiritual wisdom to combat his strategies.

The year of this posting is 2019, and my understanding of this dream vision today is clearer than when initially given because I am witnessing in current times that which my spirit was permitted to observe years ago.

I pray that the God of Mercy deliver us from this abyss of deception, and its attendant consequences, which can only lead to the death of a nation.
The 'Good Man' & The Abyss of DECEPTION