Reprinted From the NSCM May 2007 Newsletter

Advice From My Mom

My Mom has been with the Lord for number of years now (1994). Recently, while cleaning out my office I came across some of her letters which I had stored away in back of a picture I had forgotten about. Some of these letters contain precious spiritual wisdom gleaned from the Lord while my mother was at prayer (my mother had a wonderful personal relationship with Jesus). I thought that I would share with you some of this personal wisdom in her own words

"I thought about my faults when I heard Jesus [say]. "

If you would not have faults, I would provide them. Why are you looking for on the garbage pile? You cannot find me there. You must take care to love Me always. If you love me, I do not see and won’t notice your faults and sins. Love makes Me blind, so much so that in such a soul I cannot see anything but how this soul loves Me, and I love each soul for this. You will always be unclean; if I waited for you until you got clean, I could never love you.

You should not want for anything. Do not wish to give, and do not wish to receive, neither to live nor to die, because when you want something, this prevents Me from doing My Will in you. You should not wish to be a Saint in order order that I might make you one, because if you want sanctity, you will not reach it to such a degree that I would like to bestow on you. If you want something, it will always be imperfect, since you yourselves, are imperfect. Human effort binds My Hands and puts limits on My Freedom. 

If Satan sees he cannot get a soul he turns to his last resort and he starts to incite the longing to reach a greater degree of sanctity, but under this pretense the soul starts concentrating on itself and [thereby] neglects God. "