Satan's Reality
(Circa 1983)

Following my marriage to my enduring wife, and while still living in Marblehead, MA, one evening I was awakened from deep sleep aware that at the foot of my bed there was an evil spirit present. It was then heard the words audibly spoken: "God damn you!" -spoken in a fury of wrath. 

I was not terrified or afraid in any way due to the sustaining grace of God. 

I then immediately woke up my wife Suzanne to tell her what had happened (as she was not awakened by the event), and I told her: "Honey, I have to wake you up to tell you what just happened or I wouldn't believe it myself in the morning.

Now, on two other occasions (both occurring in Rowley, MA) I have been awakened from sleep in the middle of the night knowing that an evil spirit was standing by my bed (I could also smell acrid smoke -as from a fire), but no words were spoken. 

On each occasion I again experienced no fear and once the evil presence left I immediately went back to sleep. 

I am aware that Satan hates me, just as he hates anyone who loves and seeks to serve the Living God. 

I do not know why God permitted these events to occur other than to confirm that which I already know and believe -Satan exists and he seeks to devour God's children.