July 3, 2006
A Dream Vision
The Final Wedding Banquet

In this very vivid dream vision, I am taken to a room by the Father where I see a very long row of hangars holding wonderful wedding dresses and gowns –made of fine white linen. Upon viewing them, I intuitively understand that these dresses and gowns will never be presented to the persons intended to wear them, as they, not valuing the invitation, freely chose to attend some alternate event. (See: Matthew 22.1-12). I am deeply saddened by this.

Then, I am taken to an outside location, and I have inner knowing that it is a place of execution. There, I see a beautiful young blond woman (twenty or so) quickly taken to the rear of a car. Once she is in the car, it is immediately driven off by a man dressed in black. As I watch it depart down the road for some distance, I am stunned when I see a very large and horrific explosion take place in which the car is destroyed. Almost immediately, I am taken to the implosion site, and looking into the back seat area of the mangled and burnt out automobile, I see lying prostrate and stunned this young woman. While is shock, she is miraculously alive and uninjured! I am astonished at this as I was certain of her death given the immensity of the explosion which had occurred. 

As I look at her, I experience in my own heart the Father’s immense and profound love for her. It seems that despite the plan of the enemy to annihilate her that the Father had powerfully intervened -and she was delivered from consummate destruction. Somehow, in those last desperate moments she had called upon His Name and was saved.


(2019)   As I enter this vision into my laptop these many years later, I understand more clearly that it is the Father’s plan to fill the hall for The Final Banquet with guests taken from the rough hewn highways and byways of life. Those initially invited, and who shunned His Love, would not come. But, those who did not expect His favor shall receive it, and God the Father shall be glorified in this act of Mercy and Love. 

Of course, this is also Scriptural. But, to this day, I often wonder, just who where those guests who freely chose not to attend such an extravagant and wondrous banquet event? What where their names, what were their callings in life? I wonder, where they lukewarm? I also wonder, how many among us today are likewise invited to this banquet, but will instead choose some alternative venue –like, for instance, Super Bowel Sunday?

Friends, it is extremely important that we be able to discern the voice of the Lord in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this life. Yet, if we adopt attitudes of indifference or judgment (which can lead to apathy), or if we maintain levels of excessive wealth (which can lead to notions of self importance and self aggrandizement), it is likely that we shall not hear such a call. So, what is the remedy? To remember that it is always preferential to generously assist the poor, and to pray daily bowing humbly before the majesty of our Mighty and Loving Father God. Then, we shall hear his voice. Then, we shall be clothed in His Righteousness and so enter into the Banquet Hall of Eternal Life.