The Battle Just Over the Horizon

For a Christian, objective moral truth is a weighty matter which cannot be borne well absent a well constituted intellect and conscience which requires encounter, good teaching, study, prayer, repentance and faith. But, this kind of discipleship or formation is hardly offered by our churches, with the result that Christians who would have been virtuous are prey to all sorts of demonic plagues found in the grotesque philosophies and errant dogma copiously offered them in this modernist age. Their earthly destiny is morphed by a daily routine of escape, entertainment and the seeking sensual pleasures of every kind.

Their eternal destiny is greatly at risk. 

To save them, God must intervene and offer them an encounter with his Living Being. He must offer them a new birth in which will be found the peace, courage and understanding they intuitively seek. 

So, we can expect a vast and unprecedented move of God to offer this hope as God pours out his mercy and love. And, he will need many workers serving in the trenches and fields who love him, and who love life and others more than themselves, and who willing to pay extravagant prices for an unseen reward.

We, the workers, now for a short time, must prepare our hearts and wills to enter this fray when the command is issued.

Yes, the destruction of the unborn will come to an end; the deceptive allurement of birth control shall evaporate; and demonic powers shall flee; and the battle will be heavy. 

Yet, it shall also be glorious for those who know, love and serve the Master and who prosper unto eternal life. 

Pray and prepare.