The following postings are in chronological order and for each I have provided a reflective postscript. I have long hesitated to issue this posting—but the time appears ripe for a serious consideration of current events which loom large and consequential. 

While this occurred years ago, since that unforgettable event I have been alerted on other occasions by the Holy Spirit as to an impending war—both cataclysmic and terrifying in breath and scope.  

As I observe the continuing military preparations for war—including the development and deployment of vast and destructive military arsenals—it appears—absent some Divine intervention—that a global war of some nature—likely emanating from unruly events—remains a credible possibility.
From My Journal: A Vision - 1995

Toronto Christian Fellowship
Catch the Fire Conference - 1995

In 1995—when attending with my wife Suzanne a large Catch the Fire Conference at the Airport Christian Fellowship in Toronto—during the evening session—in one instant—I saw written in smoke over the entire attending audience of thousands the word WAR. It remained visible there for four to five seconds and then dissipated.  

Upon seeing this—I was compelled by the Spirit to cry out (from the depths of my guttural being) the word WAR! Immediately, John Arnott, the pastor of this church, said he sensed that the prophetic spirit was present—and he called all conference attendees to prayer.  

This dream vision left me mystified both as to its meaning and application. While I have always considered the possibility that the Black Bishop appearing in this dream vision could/would be a papal figure—some today believe that the current Pope (Francis) is the False Prophet mentioned in the Book of Revelations [Rev. 19:20]. I disagree. Yet, the actions of the current Pope could provide the underpinnings for the appearance of such a pontiff fulfilling this prophetic Scriptural passage. In this dream vision there was a curious moment (almost a delay) where Jesus appears in the sky—leaning over the world—pouring out his profound Love for mankind. It is my sense that this depicts a moment in time when Jesus will offer to mankind a new Pentecost prophesied by many to take place in our times—resulting in an immense in-gathering of souls. The nuclear war mentioned by St. Peter in this dream vision occurs only after the dissipation of the figure of Jesus from the sky and St. Peter's descent to the moored fishing boat to depart—for a time

From My Journal: A Dream Vision 03/2001


I am sitting high up in the rear pew of a church which is in the style of an amphitheater. As I am sitting there, an elderly gentleman comes in and sits in the pew just below me and to my left. He is somewhat short and stocky and has a full beard. He is also wearing a tweed jacket and acts with the vigor of a young man as he is amazingly fit and spry. Looking at him you are immediately aware that he a kindly man full of vigor and faith. Then, from our perched position, we look down to our right and view a liturgical procession of bishops walking in formation followed by a bishop at the rear of the procession. He is dressed in white. He appears to be the chief bishop (Pope?) and also happens to be a black man.

The elderly gentleman in front of me then pulls out from his inner jacket area (right side) his own miter (green) and places it on his head. He, I then realize, is St. Peter himself. He quickly and immediately leaves the church and I follow him up an inclined roadway. As I do this, I observe the cloud-like figure of Jesus (filling a large portion of the sky) leaning over the world with great love. Then the figure of Jesus slowly dissipates.  

I continue to follow St. Peter up the roadway for some distance when from the left side of the roadway St. Peter begins his descent down a long vertical ladder (fifty feet or more) to a modern flat bottomed fishing boat which is moored there. I would like to follow him, but I am unable do so. 

As he begins his descent he looks back up at me and says: "I am leaving for a time. There is going to be a nuclear war."  The dream ends.

I note in my journal: 'The black bishop (a false Pope?)—prefigures nuclear war!

From My Journal: A Dream Vision-Circa 2005


In this dream vision I am taken up into the sky in a supersonic ascent as I hear the atmosphere rushing by me. From this high vantage point I could view planet earth—burnt and pillaged by some great cataclysmic event. While viewing this devastated landscape I saw a massive tsunami appear (originating in the Atlantic Ocean) which then flooded over the entire east coast of the United States moving as an unstoppable deluge towards the central part of the US.

Much of the coastline of the USA quickly disappeared under these immense waters and its familiar landscape was quickly lost. As these waters subsided the Mississippi river no longer seemed to exist as it had expanded its width significantly creating an enormous watershed over the central part of the USA.

From My Journal: A Dream Vision 9/28/2011


'This morning I saw a great, terrible and consumptive war. I desperately wanted to end my dream—I wanted to awaken—but could not despite my frantic efforts. What I observed was so terrible that if I were alive to see it—I would surely die from terror. 

In this dream my family was there watching it with me—safe it seems. 

No one is ready for what is about to occur.  

It is all coming down. There will be safety only in doing the Holy Will of God.'


This dream vision was amazing and I wondered if I was experiencing an actual extraterrestrial journey. From the perspective of space the view was spectacular—but the scene of earthly devastation and the massive tsunami with its ravaging power did not permit me to contemplate the scene with true awe and wonder. Later on, I came to understand that in order for a tsunami of the magnitude detailed to originate in the Atlantic Ocean would require that the orbital tilt of the earth be altered—which could only occur if the earth had first been impacted by a massive comet.  Of interest, some have seen such a tsunami occuring place on the west coast. 

As I review this web page before posting it I am troubled and wearied at heart. God does not desire that man endure the devastation and destruction prophesied by so many. No—rather God yearns that we turn our hearts and minds to him so that He might forgive our sins and heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14) Yet—God will not violate man's freedom which remains absolute—and—absent true repentance—the various judgments prophesied shall come to pass. Such judgments—which can only be mitigated by prayer and fasting—will be the infallible fruit of man's accumulated sin and denigration. 
"But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."
Luke 21:28