When the Time Comes - You Will Be Ready 
(Circa 1998)

What does Heaven know about our destiny? What does Heaven know about the time and the hour of our death? 

The Answer is: ALL.

Somewhere in my mid-fifties I was in my bedroom upstairs in Rowley, MA getting dressed to go out to dinner, and I began to think about how quickly time had gone by. Somehow, as a young man, I thought that I might be called home earlier in life (in the military as a Navy pilot, we all recognized this possibility), but now I wondered how time would play out and began to think about my inevitable death.

At the thought of death, I began to be a bit disconsolate as I have always considered death (common to man) to be an unnatural event not intended for us. That, somehow, the fate of death had been imposed on mankind through some sort of unnatural evolution. I always thought this -even as a young person. Of course, that is true -isn't it? Sin and Satan, or Satan and then sin brought death to man. It is unnatural and it was not the original destiny of man.

Then, standing there, in this somewhat somber and reflective state, I heard a clear, distinctive voice near me say: "When the time comes, you will be ready."

Obviously, I was amazed trying to comprehend the significance and meaning of what I had just heard. ‘When the time of my death comes, I will be prepared and ready for it!’ WOW!

To this day, this word of consolation brings to me a great sense of peace and wondrous assurance in the face of a now crumbling and aging body. I rejoice in knowing that Heaven knows the hour of my death, and that when it arrives, I will be ready to meet and embrace it. Alleluia! Praise be to the work of our Lord and Savior, who at a great price, opened the door for all of us to the possibility of Peace at the hour of our earthly passing.

Now, at the age of seventy-seven, that hour is much closer for me than at the time I received this consoling word of knowledge. God is in control, and will call me home when the hour does arrive. In some ways, I actively prepare for that event through my prayer life and asking for the gift of greater intimacy with God our Father. 

Yes, He is Love, and He is passionate for us. And, as Scripture teaches, He seeks those who desire to worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

Yet, it is impossible to gain an understanding regarding this great spiritual truth without first submitting to His Will for your life. Then, understanding comes as infused knowledge lovingly, tenderly and mysteriously given.

In this world, where many of us have experienced poor, or even violent parental events, or other tragic or even self-inflicted events, it will take time to come into this place. For so many of us, great interior healing is first needed to enter into intimacy with God and to embrace His tender Love. But, if you worship him in song and dance, the hour will come.

But, begin by asking for it, by praying from your heart, and being faithful to His Commands. And, above all of this, learn to persevere in this endeavor. Urgently avoid the occult in all of its forms, embrace purity, and do not rely upon your own strength.

If this is you, you would be greatly assisted by simply reading Neal Lozano's book "Unbound", and then seeking a place of loving ministry where you can begin the road to complete inner healing.