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Peter Carpentier             Director/Youth Ministry              

Peter is the Founder and Director of North Shore Christian Ministries and lives in Rowley, MA, is married to his beautiful wife Suzanne, and has two children, Cassandra and David, and five adorable grandchildren. Peter graduated from Boston University in 1975 and has a Masters in Taxation as well as a Masters of Divinity from Weston School of Theology (formerly of Cambridge, MA (1987)). Peter is also a retired Naval Aviator (USNR), having flown the venerable P2-V7 aircraft as well as the P-3A Neptune Orion. Peter committed to Christian ministry after having a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in 1977 due to the ministry of Billy Graham. The various ministries of NSCM are an outgrowth of Peter’s earnest desire to make known the saving power of Jesus Christ to those seeking an encounter with our saving God –a God of love who offers intimacy and friendship to all who ask for it in the name of his precious son.

Suzanne Carpentier       Administrative Support                                         

Bill Wallace                     Director/Programs Development                   

Fred Vyn                         Director/Healing Ministries                               

Pat Salach                      Prisons/Admin. Support                              

NSCM Ministry Number: (978) 948-2356


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