After my coming to Christ through the ministry of Billy Graham in 1977 (My Testimony) I began to experience various supernatural events (in the Catholic tradition termed ‘mystical experiences’) and I needed guidance regarding how best to understand and appropriate these events. Eventually, I was introduced to Streams Ministries and the teaching ministry of John Paul Jackson under whom I was mentored for a number of years. 

John Paul Jackson was part of the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement (AP movement).  Some of those who shaped the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement in the United States were based in Kansas City, Missouri and became known as the "Kansas City Prophets". Some among them were Bob Jones, Bill Hamon, Larry Randolph, Paul Cain, James Goll, and John Paul Jackson. 

In their many meetings prophets of this tradition often declared a future event—depicted as an intervention of God into our times—which would be both unprecedented and worldwide resulting in the conversion of billions of souls to Christ. An example of this expectation is expressed below by Bob Jones in his Shepherd’s Rod publication in 2012.

Regarding this expectation John Paul Jackson also believed that it would take place in a time of troubles. In what John Paul Jackson referred to as a revelation from the Lord, he released a statement in 2008 called The Coming Perfect Storm. This statement takes the form of a prophetic warning and involves five different elements: religion, politics, economics, war and geophysical events. When these elements unite this storm will become exponentially more dangerous and occurs because the church (the body of Christ) is no longer the backbone of this nation. A full reading of this statement is available here: The Coming Perfect Storm.  An excerpt is provided below:

There is also a YouTube video you may wish to view regarding this: The Coming Perfect Storm

There are also many Catholic prophecies (historical and present) regarding this expectation and the prophecy of Dr. Ralph Martin in St. Peter’s Square (in the presence of Pope Paul VI) on Pentecost Monday, May, 1975 is particularly striking as it links the expectation of a harvest linked to a time of darkness:

[See: The Warning for more on this expectation]

Regarding the expectation of this harvest, over the years I have been given three open visions by the Lord which appear to encapsulate this hope of harvest coupled to earthly tribulations which I have never shared or published. However, I believe that the time for publication and the sharing these visions is now appropriate. 

Two of these visions were given to me early in the morning (5:30 am) as I was rising and preparing to go to work in East Cambridge where I was employed by The Chickering Group as General Counsel for this insurance group. The time for each vision was just after rising as I prepared to leave for the journey into Boston. The first vision occurred directly before me (2-3 feet distant) and slightly elevated as I was placing on my socks while sitting on the edge of the bed. 

The second vision occurred a few weeks later under identical circumstances, but occurred several feet to my left on the floor and just before the bedroom closet. 

The third vision was given over a year later upon rising early in the morning when attending a John Paul Jackson training session.

Each vision was clear and in vivid color and when considered together appear to present a warning followed by unprecedented global revival.

"But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."
Luke 21:28
"I believe we are in a key time in history, and this preparation of the man going forth is the beginning of the harvest. I believe this is the year that the harvest is going to begin, and I don’t know to what extent, but I know it is going to really escalate by the year 2015. And I know that what He is talking about in this one harvest He is talking about over 1 billion youth are getting ready to come in. They will only come in where wisdom dwells. Wisdom is looking for a place to move in down here now, and she is coming down here to take over the father’s business, and where wisdom is reigning over the father’s business, you are talking big numbers. And we are also talking about going worldwide."

"Why Is the Storm Coming? This storm is coming because the church (the body of Christ) is no longer the backbone of this nation. From our inception, the Christian faith has been the plumb line of decisions made at all levels of life. The Christian founding of this nation is what makes it different from every other nation, other than perhaps Israel. Other nations may have become Christian in their focus, but none was initially formed with Christianity as the core of its DNA.

The church is to make known God’s manifold wisdom to the world and the powers of the air (see Eph. 2:2). This demonstration to the heavens is not accomplished by speaking to those powers but through righteous living. How we live opens or closes doors for Satan to legally afflict us and even rule over us via leaders who do not know the ways of God. From Adam and Eve through today, the actions of humankind have given room for the enemy to strike and attack us. The only legal way the enemy has access to us is when the hand of God lifts from us, resulting in a space between Him and us. This space increases as we distance ourselves from Him and His ways.

A time of darkness is coming on the world, but a time of glory is coming for my Church, a time of glory is coming for my people. I will pour out on you all the gifts of my Spirit. I will prepare you for spiritual combat; I will prepare you for a time of evangelism that the world has never seen…. And when you have nothing but me, you will have everything.”

The First Vision (Circa 2000): In the first vision a man wearing a plain black military uniform was sitting at a large wooden desk was staring directly at me. His demeanor was menacing and he seemed to possess a dark spiritual authority. Ironically, I recognized and knew this man as he was a former Vice President of the United States and a very strong advocate of the world climate change agenda. When the vision ended I simply finished dressing and headed off to work asking the Lord for some understanding regarding this vision.
The Second Vision (Circa 2000): The second vision occurred a few weeks later under identical circumstances. In this vision I saw to my left and on the floor of the bedroom a white cylindrical drum, perhaps two or three feet in diameter and three to four feet tall, into which the hands and arms of multitudes of peoples from many nations and cultures where reaching in and coming out with bread. It was a clear prophetic declaration of a future event where the Bread of Life would be made available to mankind through an amazing outpouring of God’s love and mercy. It was a wondrous sight.

The Third Vision (Circa 2001): This vision occurred early in the morning at the hotel I booked to stay over for one evening in order to attend a two-day John Paul Jackson training session. As I awoke, I looked before me and saw in the distance a very large white door having no hinges or handles. In this vision I was standing to the left of the door frame and I was small in proportion to the size of the door. I would say that it was 12-15 feet high and perhaps six feet wide. As I was standing there the door began to open and I was startled by the intense white light that was being emitted from the opening edge of the door and I furiously tried to close the door. The next thing I knew is that despite my desperate efforts to close the door it blasted wide open with an intense fire of white light exploding outwards from the door entrance. I then either threw myself into this light or wanted to. At this point the vision ended.

A Related Dream Vision

​2008-In December of 2008 I had a dream-vision with a lot of young people in it and I wrote in my journal: “Someone had discovered a long lost vase containing many promises which would usher in wisdom. There seemed to a sense that its discovery would usher in peace for a time.”

​The First Two Visions: These two visions are linked by their similarity to time and place. It appears that in an era of great spiritual darkness—when evil governing powers arise, possessing menacing and diabolical authority—that God will unleash upon the earth an unprecedented outpouring of His Holy Spirit resulting in the in-gathering of a vast multitude of souls into the Kingdom of God.  As the hands entering and leaving the white cylinder where doing so with great rapidity it appears that this remarkable event—when it occurs—will be a quickly moving event. If this outpouring in embedded in current events it is very close at hand.  
A Related Dream Vision

Can This Happen In The USA?-Yes, It Can! Be Alerted!

Dream Vision 2008: Just prior to Christmas in December of 2008 in a dream-vision I saw US troops (young) walking in a line with their arms tied behind their backs who then entered a room where they were massacred by men who appeared to be Islamic terrorists. This was done because they would not follow orders to execute plans against US citizens. They appeared to be jovial regarding their situation and where caught off guard by this murderous event which they could not anticipate. Even witnessing this event in my dream was traumatic.
A Related Dream Vision

​2009-August, 14th: In this dream vision I have been recalled to active duty to a Navy Patrol Squadron flying the P2V7 aircraft when we are ordered to:

I write in my Journal: 'Men are impervious to what is about to happen. There are many prophetic moves [warnings], but little prayer. The Church does its maintenance theology and business as usual co-opted by and cooperating with evil. It is difficult to bear.'   
The In-Gathering